About BCI

Breast Cancer Ireland is a registered charity (CHY 19926) established to raise significant funding to support pioneering research programmes nationally as well as to promote education and awareness on the importance of breast health amongst women of all ages.

Our Vision

We want to transform breast cancer from often being a fatal disease into a treatable long term illness.


We aim to achieve our vision by speeding up breast cancer research discovery times in Ireland.


To create a National Bio & Patient Profiling Resource – where the eight designated cancer centres collaborate and share samples, thereby increasing volumes available for all clinicians and scientist to access.

To create a state of the art clinical breast cancer research facility offering translational therapies… from bench to bedside for patients diagnosed.

To heighten awareness and education on the important of breast health amongst women of all ages – earlier detection will save lives.

Get in Touch

This is a community project, built through shared experiences and a vision to achieve a common goal. If you’d like to get involved, contact Paula at styleunravels@gmail.com or use the form below.